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Networking at Towson University

By Seanne Coates

‘Coming back to the university you once attended as a job recruiter can be an eye opening experience and a great way to connect with young aspiring career opportunist.

This is just want Alycia Pishtey, Market Relations Coordinator at the Arthritis Foundation, did on April 12 at Towson University’s Networking Fair.

The networking fair at Towson University is a place for mass communication students to find jobs in public relations, social media, and more. The event took place in the University Union in the Chesapeake rooms from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

According to Allie Nagel, a freshman member of the Towson University Public Relations Student Society, this society has been putting on this fair for the last 10 years.

“Basically we just wanted an opportunity for students to network and either get a job or internship,” Nagel said.

Their goal was met as there were many companies scouting for future employees and interns. Some of these include Sinclair, Girl’s Life, Arthritis Foundation, Tek Systems, Visit Baltimore, and much more.

“We are always looking for good Towson Students, we have a huge amount of Towson alumni network, so we’re always looking to grow that,” said Pete Garcia University Relations Recruiter for Tek systems.

“We find that Towson students really do have a pretty good feel of internships, because most of them are required to get internship experience.” Garcia said

Many Towson students, specifically graduating seniors, have a plethora of internships under their belt, and are ready to take on the professional world as soon as they graduate. These students specifically come to the networking fair in order to find jobs and do exactly what the networking fair intends to accomplish, networking.

“It’s a really good experience, you get to see what employers are like, and what I need to do to get a job after college,” said Jenn Ragusa, a Towson University student. “I absolutely think this event is helpful.”

Alycia Pishtey came back and found that a lot of people from Towson University seemed interested in Public Relations. To her Towson seemed like a good place to try and find students that wanted to be involved in her company as well as other companies involved in the Mass Communication field.



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